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DRIMCAP Investment Company Limited (DRIMCAP) is a limited liability company registered under the Companies Act Cap 486 of the Laws of Kenya. DRIMCAP is an investment management company providing investment management services to individuals, groups and institutions. The company’s investment management team comprises of an experienced and qualified team of dedicated professionals. Continue reading…

We provide a variety of services for people and businesses. Our dynamic and talented professionals focus on your needs, we look at every situation as an opportunity to develop elegant solutions.Here’s a glimpse at what we offer.

Faida Hakika Plus

Faida Hakika Plus is intended to provide certainty of returns over the period in which the funds are invested, regardless of changes in the market. DRIMCAP contracts to generate attractive returns to the investors. The Investment Committee shall oversee prudent investment of these funds. Funds under this product will be invested in short term high yielding investment
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Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management (Pesa Plus) involves cash flow planning and forecasting to ensure that Clients’ working capital needs are met in a timely manner. Any funds that are not required for immediate use are invested optimally before they are applied on other projects. Funds under Pesa Plus are invested in short and medium term instruments like Treasury bills.
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Corporate Finance Advisory

In Corporate Finance Advisory, we provide advice in connection with capital raising and the acquisition and disposal of businesses. Further we advise clients on a number of strategic initiatives including debt and capital structure advisory, Islamic finance, corporate structuring, joint ventures, fund placement and financial feasibility studies
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Rules for Effective Networking

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How many times have you seen people asking someone about what they do in life; and the minute they find out that what they do is useless for them, they shorten the conversation, look behind the person to find an excuse to leave the conversation?...
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